Internet Marketing Home Based Business for Beginners

Internet Marketing 101 for Home Businesses

If you’ve ever been fired, laid off, or just plain sick of the office politics, and want to take back control of your life then you may want to consider internet marketing or online marketing.

I know you’ve may have heard a ton of bad stories about people trying their hands at it and failed.  But have ever asked them these three questions.

  1.  How many hours of learning did they put in to this business venture?
  2. Did they try to do it all on their own or did they have a support team in place?
  3. Did they treat it like a business and invest the time and money needed to keep things going?

You see, if you can get people to be honest enough to answer these questions, you’ll know why they failed at internet marketing.  Ouch, right! My thing is that if kids can make money online from the internet then so can you, if you’re willing to apply the formula im going to show you.

People that try internet marketing forget they are committing themselves to be their own boss.  Which means, there’s no one standing over your shoulder telling and yelling at you about getting your work done.  You don’t have no one telling you anymore, when you can go eat, go to the restroom, or if you could take the day off, because you or your love one does not feel well.   You are now 100% in control of your time that also will affect your income.

Although, Internet marketing is one of the most popular methods used to generate good income.  A lot of small business owners and entrepreneurs have very little success at it.  Why is that, well as I mentioned it before, it’s a business.

So, today, I’m going to explain to you how to start having success as a home base internet marketer  following these steps.

1st step, you need to understand this is a business and that you’re going to have to invest into the business for it to grow.  That means, you should structure the business so that it can grow on its own and that will reduces your tax liability.  The type of business structure I would encourage you to use is a C-Corporation.  This structure totally separates you from the business.

2nd step, you need to open a business checking account.  The reason you do this is because you want all the money you make online to be paid to the corporation.  This will do three things for you and your business

  1. By having the money paid to your corporation instead of you this will lower your tax liability.
  2. By having the money paid to your corporation will help build your business credit and corporate credit.
  3. By having the money paid to your corporation, it will create bank statements and financials statements you could use to go get more funding from the banks and other lending institutions without using a personal guarantee or personal credit.

Don’t stress on how to set up your corporation we got you covered the business credit building system here

Internet marketing may sound easy, however, It can be difficult if you are a beginner. The reason for this is because you have different divisions of it.  YOU HAVE AFFILIATE MARKETING BUSINESS, LOCAL MARKETING BUSINESS, PRINT ON DEMAND MARKETING BUSINESS, SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION SEO ,AND LOCAL BUSINESS MARKETING IN WHICH YOU MARKET YOU OWN BUSINESS.

So with beginners to internet marketing they think it’s all the same and that’s another reason they do not make any money or have very little success.

I’ll explain the difference between each of these internet marketing business, so that you’ll have a better understanding and better chances of having success at doing it.

Affiliate Marketing


1st Affiliate Marketing– is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.  You can earn extra money and even a full-time income from home.

2nd Print on Demand Marketing– eliminates the need to order prints in large quantities. On demand printing gives customers the option to order in any quantity allowing customers to print what they want, when they need it.

The other side of print on demand is you the marketer create a logo or design and submit to online companies like  These types of companies have blank products to add you logo on to then you promote the product on social platforms lick facebook, Instagram, or youtube.  When the product sells the print on demand companies subtract their product prince and shipping and handling cost and you keep the remainder of the profits.

3rd Local Business Marketing– is for small business owner that have no time marketing their business, so you can learn different strategies to help them generate more customer and get paid for it.

Once you chose which one of these internet marketing services you’re going to master then you chose which form of traffic you’re going to master to generate customers and sales.

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